Dragon Tales is an American-Canadian animated series for children produced by Sesame Workshop and Sony Pictures Television about two kids and their adventures in Dragon Land. The show lasted for three seasons from 1999 to 2005 on PBS Kids in America, and CBC Kids in Canada. It later aired reruns on PBS Kids Sprout, and would do so until 2011.


Siblings Emmy and Max find a magic dragon scale inside a drawer in the playroom of the new house they moved into, and soon they discover a wonderful world called Dragon Land, populated almost entirely with dragons. The entire show is basically about the adventures they have have with their new dragon friends.


  • Wheezie, is a half-bodied purple dragon, She always wears a charm necklace to show that she and her brother are pop stars.
  • Zac, is the other half of Wheezie and also wears a charm necklace.
  • Ord, is Max's ridden dragon. He is often very nervous and loves to be scared by bugs.
  • Cassie, is the youngest of all of the dragons and acts likes Emmy's horse. She is shy, smart, and kind. She has numerous members of her family, including Kiki, and her mom.