Floogals is a 2016 CGI animated children's television show that premiered 1/23/16. It took place in a live-action world, which was produced by Jellyfish Productions and distributed by Zodiak Kids Studios, which will be also producing "Kody Kapow!" in summer 2017 along with Arc Productions.

Anyway, Floogals follows the adventures of a team of three purple alien astronauts that get jobs done on earth. They live at Planet Floog, an empty planet with no plants and is a special planets to these "Floogals", who are Fleeker, the captain who wears a red suit, Flo, the female first officer who wears a yellow suit, and Boomer, a currently trained member who is kind of off-focused. They would figure out what's wrong with this, or that (for example, "What's wrong with this big banana?"). When they are finished with their mission, they fly back from the earth to Planet Floog again and recite the "Project Done" sentence and disappear out of sight.

The first series promo and theme song were released December 2015, on the ZeeKay Junior official YouTube kids channel, and then the episode clips were made after Christmas 2015 like the third day of 2016.