Produced by The Jim Henson Company, the series features Henson puppeteer Julianne Buescher as Coo and songs written/produced by Mike Himelstein. Jim Henson's Creature Shop produced 50 animated segments with Coo for the Sprout netwrok. The entire collection of animated segements was produced with less than two days spent filming on the digital puppetry stage. coo likes singing about getting dressed and other things kids like to do to start their day. 

in 2009 , 7 yr old Jenna Wilson , Who broke a backbone on sprout . said "we think Musical mornings would be removed to the Sprout sceduele". before she added the Wiggles . It was replaced by Wiggly Waffle, To wilson's idea 

Schedule for Musical Mornings with Coo Edit

6:00am - Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Bob The Bulider

6:30am - Bounce, Make Way for Noddy, Fireman Sam

7:00am - Boj, Pingu, Barney and Friends

7:30am - Caillou, Pic Me

8:00am - Sesame Street

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