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The Good Night Show New Season Premieres on August 27, 2012.

The Good Night Show is a television programming block on PBS KIDS Sprout which premiered on September 26, 2005. Programming starts at 6:00pm ET (5:00pm CT) each evening. Throughout the three-hour block, which is repeated three times over the course of the evening, viewers (referred to as "Sproutlets") are encouraged to participate in host-led games, songs, crafts, and lessons in yoga and sign language. Activities and games generally revolve around a theme, and take place between theme-appropriate cartoon episodes. These themes include issues of interest to preschool children and their parents, such as imaginary friends, teddy bears, shadows, opposites, dreams, or babysitters.

The original host of the Good Night Show was "Melanie", played by Melanie Martinez. "Melanie" introduced cartoon episodes with the aid of "Hush", a live-action goldfish who served as the Good Night Show's mascot. In July 2006, Martinez was fired because of concerns over inappropriate dialogue in an independent short film in which she had starred several years earlier, before joining PBS Kids Sprout. Shortly before Martinez's departure, a new character was introduced to the Good Night Show: a large plush star-shaped puppet named "Star" (voiced by Stacia Newcomb), who provided the show with a naive, childlike character and sidekick.

On September 10, 2006, Noel MacNeal debuted as special guest host "Leo". Both "Star" and "Hush" remained as recurring characters during his tenure, but the cast was also expanded to include "Lucy", a puppet firefly. MacNeal had a long background in children's television, including his portrayal of "Bear" on Disney's "Bear in the Big Blue House".

December 18, 2006, Michele Lepe debuted as the permanent host of The Good Night Show as "Nina". Lepe's fifth season on The Good Night Show will premiere on August 27, 2012 along with new programs debuting on the block like Wibbly Pig & 64 Zoo Lane.

Current HostsEdit

Michelle Lepe as Nina (December 18, 2006-present)

Stacia Newcomb as Star (July 2006-present)

Lucy (September 10, 2006-present)

Hush (September 26, 2005-present) was not featured when Leo guest hosted

Previous HostsEdit

Melanie Martinez as Melanie (September 26, 2005-September 9, 2006)

Noel MacNeal as Leo (September 10, 2006-December 17, 2006)

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