Star characteranimation

Star is Nina's best friend and also her favorite stuffed pillow. She is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain in Nina's World and Stacia Newcomb in The Goodnight Show

Star is a fluffy star puppet performed by Stacia Newcomb and is the co-host of The Good Night Show, which in the online website she was referred to as a "lovable huggable pillow".

She sometimes made holiday appearances on the Sunny Side Up Show or different appearances (such as when she came for a sink-or-float science investigation) and also went into the barn for the Astroblast premiere party on 7/12/14 along with Nina, taking place in there instead of the You and Me Tree, which was a treehouse that was a comfortable bedtime playhouse. He made appearances during the "La-La-Lullaby" music (a Pajanimals edition of the sleeping characters) but that puppets can close their eyes brightly and primetime. She had a lot of puppet updates and can pronounce more Spanish words (such as "first" means "prunero").