Star characteranimation

Star is a fluffy star puppet performed by Stacia Newcomb and is the co-host of The Good Night Show, which in the online website he was referred to as a "lovable huggable pillow".

He sometimes made holiday appearances on the Sunny Side Up Show or different appearances (such as when he came for a sink-or-float science investigation) and also went into the barn for the Astroblast premiere party on 7/12/14 along with Nina, taking place in there instead of the You and Me Tree, which was a treehouse that was a comfortable bedtime playhouse. He made appearances during the "La-La-Lullaby" music (a Pajanimals edition of the sleeping characters) but that puppets can close their eyes brightly and primetime. He had a lot of puppet updates and can pronounce more Spanish words (such as "first" means "prunero").

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