Sunny Side Up is a weekday morning block (used to be an everyday block when it was called the Sunny Side Up Show) airing from 9 AM to 12 PM every weekday (6 AM to 9 AM CT)

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Sunny Side Up is Sprout's morning program. It is produced live every weekday, and hosted by a human host along with Chica, a puppet. Before moving to a "city apartment" set, the show took place on a set dubbed The Sunshine Barn and decorated with farm-themed objects. The hosts are Emily, Carly, Tim, and Aline. Each host the show for one week with each week's host being announced late in the previous week. Each week's host introduces programs, reads birthdays, leads activities related to the week's theme, and reads messages sent in by individual "Sproutlet" viewers through the Sprout website. There are daily activities such as "The Good Egg Awards" (renamed "The Kindness Kid Awards") celebrating viewers' accomplishments, and "Sproutlet Stories" allows sproutlets to tell different stories with different plots, characters, and settings.

  • Carly is portrayed by Carly Ciarrocchi. She joined the show on June 18, 2012, replacing Liz.
  • Tim is portrayed by Grammy award winner Tim Kubart. He was introduced during the 2013 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as he replaced Sean, He began hosting on December 30, 2013.
  • Aline is portrayed by well known PBS Kids Star Aline Toupi. She replaced Kaitlin.
  • Emily is portrayed by Emily Borromeo. She joined the show as a host June 2014, replacing Dennisha.
  • Chica is a chicken puppet who co-hosts Sunny Side Up with Emily, Carly, Tim, and Kaitlin. Before moving to a city apartment, she lived in The Sunshine Barn. She has a voice which resembles a kazoo. Her character has been part of the show since its premiere in 2007. She also makes occasional appearances in the Sprout Control Room. Chica is voiced by Forrest Harding.

Previous hosts Edit

  • Kevin, portrayed by Kevin Yamada, was an original host of The Sunny Side Up Show. Kevin joined Chica and Kelly as hosts, and the birthday cards and crawl of viewers' names became features of the new program. Kevin's last appearance on the show was on December 25, 2009, where he explained his impending departure from the show by telling viewers that he was moving away to the great big city and not playing with Chica in the Sunshine Barn anymore. He still plays the character of Ricky on the daily Sprout Sharing Show; his Sunny Side Up hosting duties were assumed by new host Dennisha Pratt on December 31, 2009.[4]
  • Liz, portrayed by Liz Filios, joined the show on November 1, 2010 and left the show June 1, 2012 to explore the world. She is replaced by Carly.
  • Sean, portrayed by Sean Roach, joined Kevin and Kelly as co-host of The Sunny Side Up Show in 2007. His last appearance on the show was December 13, 2013. He left to focus more on his art. He still hosts reruns of Noodle and Doodle. He is replaced by Tim.
  • Kelly, portrayed by Kelly Vrooman, was one of the original two hosts of the show. Her final appearance as a host was on December 20, 2013. She still stars in The Chica Show. She rejoined the show only for Thanks for Giving Week 2014. She is replaced by Kaitlin.
  • Dennisha, portrayed by Dennisha Pratt, made her debut on December 31, 2009, replacing Kevin. She rejoined the show on the mothers day weekend in 2013 and her last show was June 13, 2014 before she and her family moved away to start some new adventures. She is replaced by Emily.
  • Kaitlin is portrayed by Kaitlin Becker. She was introduced during the 2013 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as she replaced Kelly. She began hosting on January 6, 2014 and stopped hosting on May 19, 2017 to move away to another state.
  • Ella. is portrayed by Ella Fretz. She joined Chica Kelly Kevin and Sean as hosts in 2009, Ella's last appearance was in October 26 2010, where she explained her impending departure from the show by telling viewers that she had Complications of Mutiple Sytomns and not playing with Chica in the Sunshine Barn anymore. her Sunny Side Up hosting duties were assumed by new host Liz Filos on November 1, 2010.[4]

Other regular characters Edit

  • Mr. Mailman is a cartoon character who used to appear on The Birthday Show and on The Sunny Side Up Show during Birthdays.
  • Rico is Chica's cousin who makes occasional appearances.

Guest stars Edit

  • Barney and Friends: Barney, Riff
  • Sesame Street: Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Prairie Dawn, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster
  • The Furchester Hotel: Elmo, Cookie Monster
  • The Wiggles: Greg Page, Murray Cook, Anthony Field, Jeff Fatt, Captain Feathersword, Emma Watkins, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, Sam Moran
  • Field Trip: Ms. Frizzy 
  • LazyTown: Sportacus, Stephanie
  • Pajanimals: Squacky, Sweetpea Sue
  • Sprout Sharing Show: Patty, Ricky, Curtis
  • The Good Night Show: Nina, Star
  • The Let's Go Show: Miles
  • Bounce: Elizabeth
  • Laurie Berkner
  • The Chica Show: Mr. C, Mrs. C, Kelly
  • Sprout Control Room: Meeka (also known as Banjo in The Let's Go Show), M'Goats
  • Clangers: Tiny Clanger

Current shows Edit

  • The Furchester Hotel
  • The Floogals
  • Noddy, Toyland Detective
  • Terrific Trucks
  • Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave
  • The Chica Show

References Edit

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