Season N/A, Episode 1
Air date February 13, 2017
Written by Tricycle Films
Directed by Unknown
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Tiptoe Through The Tulips
This is the short promo of Ollie & Moon.

Plot Edit

Moon and Ollie are very hot, so they go to an ice cream exhibit.

Synopsis Edit

Moon is at the front window, saying that it's "burn your tounge on a taco hot", and asks Ollie if he feels the same way, followed by a mini wave of water, much to Moon's confusion. Ollie says Moon's telling him, and Moon says that she could go for some ice cream. Ollie asks if Moon wants to go to the market, and Moon says they could do that, but wants to travel around the world to get it, with Ollie trying to keep Moon from saying it. So Ollie packs various stuff for the trip, including research on the computer, which he doesn't get to finish. Ollie & Moon get on a plane, and travel to many different places. Once they arrive back at home, Moon gets both of their gelatos, and Ollie is relieved, until the gelato melts and drops on the floor (same with Moon), but Moon deicide's to go........

Cast Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This can be considered a trailer or the pilot.
  • Gelatos are a tipe of ice-cream from around the world.
  • The original logo is shown at the end of the pilot (trailer).

Differences from Pilot & SeriesEdit

  • The plane design is white with blue windows, in the series, it is yellow and orange, and has a smile on it.
  • Ollie and Moon have different voice actors.
  • The logo is different from the series.
  • The "Funny Buddies" song does not play in the pilot.
  • In the series, Moon says "I have a brainstorm!", but it's never said in the pilot.

Running Gags Edit

  • Ollie saying "Don't say it!".
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