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You Can't Do That on Sprout was a Morning Block airing from 2005 to 2007 ZOOM Related. Instead of Live-Action, you could reveal the ZOOMers' Animated Forms, on 2007, it got cancelled due to The Sunny Side Up Show making way with Chica (Forrest Harding), Kelly Vrooman, and Kevin Yadama

Segments Edit

  • Hello Song
  • Yummy! Diner with Kyle
  • Nooz with Taylor
  • Workout
  • Sprout Friends Interview
  • Peek-A-Boo
  • Closure

Scedule (2005-2006) Edit

  • 9:00- Caillou
  • 9:20- the Berenstein Bears
  • 9:40- Wibbly Pig
  • 10:00- Sesame Street
  • 10:20- ZOOM
  • 10:40- Barney & Friends
  • 11:00- Dragon Tales
  • 11:20- PicMe
  • 11:40- Pingu
  • 12:00- Sprout Diner
  • 12:20- the Birthday Show
  • 12:40- Kipper

New Programming Edit

  • The Hoobs
  • Frances
  • Boobah

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